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    Видео как вырастить марихуану

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    видео как вырастить марихуану

    This video may be inappropriate for some users. Как выращивают коноплю на Черниговщине: опыт Калипсо | Latifundist. , views Oct 1. Больше всего аудитории нравится видео с использованием таймлапс в процессе выращивания марихуаны. В общем, если вы еще думаете снимать гроу-репорт или нет. Продолжительность. ЦЕНА КОРОБОК МАРИХУАНЫ Видео как вырастить марихуану злоупотребление наркотиками реферат

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    Ганжа TV. Заказать подкормку FloraFlex: floraflex. С 1 по 3 октября на площадке Music Media Dome в Москве состоится 4 интернациональная выставка-конференция по Как прорастить семечки. Наилучший и обычный метод. Максим Костев.

    Проращивание семян, подготовка грунта для пересадки. Все о самом первом шаге выкармливания. Как верно Все ссылки в закреплённом комменты. Покупка семян не влечёт ни уголовной ни административной ответственности. Как вырастить каннабис конопля просто и быстро. Amsterdam Dogs. На каких лампах растить растения дома?

    Муравушка Ежедневник. TikTok: Muravushka Почта: Muravushka gmail. Выкармливание конопли из семян,первый опыт! Как растить из семян коноплю,и разница меж выращиванием дома и в открытом грунте! How to grow cannabis from Cover the seeds with another damp paper towel.

    The seeds will sprout in days. Press the soil down lightly, leaving some air in it. Then, use a pencil to poke 1 inch 2. Place the sprouted seeds vertically in the holes and fill the holes with potting soil. Set up a grow light over the seeds and leave it on at all times. The seedlings will emerge in weeks.

    To learn how to use cool white grow lights to help your cannabis seeds grow, keep reading! С вашей помощью мы становимся лучше. Спасибо, что помогаете нам с переводом и отправляете фидбэк. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

    Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Soak the seeds. To make germination easier, consider soaking the seeds in tap water for 12 hours in a bowl. Viable seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl and non-viable seeds will float.

    Wet one paper towel and put it on a plate. Paper towels are thick enough to retain the moisture needed to help the seeds germinate. Place one paper towel under running water until it is wet to the touch, but not dripping wet.

    Use a ceramic dish or plate, as it will be strong enough to hold the towels and the seeds. The paper towel should cover the dish or plate. Place the blunt end of the seeds, the end that does not have a point, on the towel, spacing them apart so their roots do not get tangled. Wet other paper towel and place it over the seeds. Make sure the wet towel makes contact with the seeds. The cannabis seeds need to sit at a warm, consistent temperature to germinate.

    Store the seeds out of direct sunlight in a warm area, such as the top of your refrigerator. Do not warm the seeds up too much, as you do not want your heat source to dry out the paper towels. Keep the paper towels moist. Spray the top towel with a spray bottle of water to keep them moist. Check the paper towels several times a day to ensure they do not dry out. Wait for the seeds to germinate. Viable cannabis seeds will usually open with 48 hours.

    You should see the roots start to appear within a few days, depending on the seed type. Avoid prodding, pulling, or touching the seeds, as you do not want to damage the roots. Any seeds that have not opened and grown roots within a few days should be discarded, as they are not viable.

    Part 2. Fill small, 2 inches 5. Get plastic garden pots that are small enough to house the seeds. Look for garden pots at your local garden supply store or online. Use potting soil that is loose and airy. The potting soil should be moist to the touch.

    Starter cubes are pre-cut growing pods made of composted bark. They contain a hole where you can place the cannabis seeds and grow them in good conditions. Basic starter cubes are inexpensive and easy to use. Use a pen or pencil to poke a hole in the soil for the seeds. Do not poke the hole too deep or too close to the surface of the soil. If you make the planting holes too deep, the seed will have a difficult time sprouting. Use tweezers to drop the seeds in the hole.

    Make sure you drop the seeds with the tap root facing into the hole. The tap root is the long root that will grow out of one end of the seed. If they are stuck to the paper towel, wet the towel with water to make the seeds easier to pick up.

    Cover the seeds with soil. Do not press hard on the seeds when you cover them, as this can disturb their growth. If you are using starter cubes, pinch the top of the holes in the cubes closed. Part 3. Keep the seeds out of direct sunlight in a moist area. Do not put the potted seeds on a windowsill or near a heater, as this will make the air too dry and hot.

    A closet or a basement are two good indoor spots for the plants to grow. Wet the soil one to two times a day. Use a spray bottle to keep the seeds moist. Make sure it is moist to the touch, but not soaking or dripping wet. Avoid pooling the soil with water, as this can lead to growth issues due to overwatering. You can plan to spray the plants in the morning and then again at night so they get the water they need.

    Use cool white grow lights. Your cannabis seeds need light 24 hours a day, seven days a week to grow. Keep the lights 2 inches 5. Use 3 to 5 watts of light for each pot. You can get cool white grow lights at your local hardware store or online. Avoid touching or handling the seeds as they grow. Touching or handling the seeds can damage them and stunt their growth.

    With the right growing conditions and care, your seeds should sprout and poke out of the soil within five to ten days. More than 12 hours of light a day for about weeks as the plant matures will be enough. Once the plant is a decent size, you may induce flowering. Switch the plant to a timer of EXACTLY 12 hours of strong light the more sunlight the plant gets, the more energy it can devote to flowering.

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